PM interacts with three teams working on developing COVID-19 vaccine

JNS: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held virtual meetings on Monday with three teams of scientists— from Gennova Biopharmaceuticals Ltd Pune, Biological E Ltd Hyderabad and Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd Hyderabad— working on developing and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccine.

During the meeting, the prime minister lauded the efforts being taken by the scientists in these companies to come out with a vaccine solution to tackle COVID-19. The potential of various platforms for vaccine development was also discussed.

He also asked the companies to come out with their suggestions and ideas regarding the regulatory processes and related matters. He also suggested that they should take extra efforts to inform the general public in simple language about the vaccine and related matters such as its efficacy including others.

Matters relating to logistics, transport, and cold chain in respect of delivering the vaccines were also discussed. All the vaccine candidates discussed are at different stages of trials and detailed data and results are expected early next year onwards.

The Prime Minister advised all the departments concerned to engage with the manufacturers and seek to resolve matters so that the efforts by these companies bear fruit in order to serve the needs of the country and the entire world.


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