CTPS’S Power Unit No-1 Shut Down Permanently

ctpsChandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS) of Damoder Valley Corporation (DVC) power units No-1 was shut down permanently from Thursday midnight. “Before shutting down the unit was producing 110 MW power”, said Akashya Kumar PRO CTPS.

On the directive of Ministry of Power, Unit 1 shuts down as it was old, while two others old units (Unit No 2 and 3) are likely to be closed shortly, he said.

CTPS Unit No 1 was commissioned in 1964 with power generating the capacity of 130 MW and producing between 110-115 MW power ever since it was commissioned, he said.

“As new power units are scheduled to come up, so old has been shut down permanently”, he added.

CTPS is a thermal power plant located in Chandrapura town of Bokaro district of Jharkhand. After shutting down of the Unit-1, presently it has 4 coal based running power units (Unit-2,3,7 and 8) with a total installed capacity of 760 MW.

“Unit-2 was commissioned in 1965 having 130 MW power production capacities, Unit-3 was commissioned in 1968 with 130 MW capacity, Unit-7 in 2011 with 250 MW and Unit-8 also in the year 2011 with 250 MW power production capacity”, added PRO.

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