“Each child is unique on their own, parents should not be made the comparison between two” – Ganguly

cbse-ex-chairmanEach child is unique on their own, parents should not be made the comparison between two, said Ashok Ganguly  Ex-Chairman of Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). “Parents should not to overprotect their child, pamper them or spoon-feed them,” he added.

Aiming to equip and making the parents aware about good parenting DPS, Bokaro organised a workshop on ‘Good Parenting in 21 st Century’ here on Wednesday. The workshop addressed the changing scenario and the role of parents as a mentor and guide along with the effective ways of upbringing and nourishing a child.

Addressing the parents, Ganguly said that the parent must inculcate values, morality and ethics in a child. “Child is a bundle of joy, we need to renew this joy”, he added.

Pointing that attitude, knowledge, skills and values are important for acquiring perfection, he urged the parents to not to become a buddy for the kids rather setting rules and limits is essential. “Discipline the kids at early phase”, he remarked. ‘NO’ means ‘NO’ with consistent authority is a must. He urged the parents to spend time with the Kids daily and suggested to control and minimise the use of electronic devices.

He remarked that ‘Imagination’ leads to ‘Innovation’ therefore it is essential that the parents stress on the development of hard skills, soft skills and life skills amongst the children. He also answered the parents’ queries. During the talk, he felt the need of increasing media literacy and encouraging the kids for newspaper reading. He said that the kids must know needlework and basic clean up jobs, basic cooking.

Addressing the workshop, Director and Principal of DPS Bokaro, Dr. Hemlata S. Mohan said that teaching is one profession that creates other professions and remarked that teaching gives satisfaction. She said that the parents need to understand the changes and have awareness of the changing environment to face the challenges of parenting. She appealed to the parents to create a conducive atmosphere and extend handholding with the school to ensure quality education and enrich the child’s personality so that children are encouraged to strive ahead in their field of interest.

Pro-Vice Chairman DPS, Chas N Murlidharan, Vice Principal, Pravin Kumar Sharma, Headmistresses Manisha Tiwari, Headmaster, Anjani Bhushan and teachers of host school along with the parents were present in the workshop.

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