East Central Railway Accelerates Towards Solar Energy Adoption

Gaya: East Central Railway (ECR) is making significant strides in its Zero Carbon Emission Mission by installing solar systems across various stations, administrative buildings, and level crossings. This initiative aims to reduce reliance on conventional energy and promote the use of solar power.

Currently, ECR has installed solar panels with a total capacity of 2197.52 KWp across its five divisions and headquarters in Hajipur. These panels generated 18.54 lakh units of electricity in the financial year 2023-24, resulting in a savings of Rs 77.81 lakh in electricity bills, according to ECR officials in Hajipur.

Key installations include a 510.4 KWp solar plant at the General Manager’s Office in Hajipur and a 500 KWp plant at the Divisional Railway Manager’s Office and Hospital in Danapur. Other notable installations are a 272 KWp plant at the Gaya MEMU shed, a 140 KWp plant at Pataliputra station, and a 110.4 KWp plant at the Divisional Railway Manager’s Office in Sonpur.

In the Samastipur division, a total of 222.38 KWp capacity solar plants have been installed at 30 stations, including Jaynagar, Sitamarhi, Madhubani, and Darbhanga. The Danapur division has solar plants with a total capacity of 862.4 KWp at seven stations such as Patliputra, Phulwarisharif, and Patna Sahib. The Dhanbad division has 85.94 KWp capacity solar plants at eight stations, including Nesub Gomo and Garhwa Road.

Additionally, the Pt. Deendayal Upadhyaya division has 386 KWp capacity solar plants functioning at seven stations, including Fesar and Kajarat Nawadih. The Sonpur division features a 130.4 KWp plant at the Divisional Railway Manager Office Building and Pahleja Station, along with a 510.4 KWp plant at the General Manager Office in Hajipur.

ECR is also progressing on the installation of solar plants with a total capacity of 9432 KWp at 260 stations, 120 other buildings, and 116 level crossings across its five divisions; includes: Solar plants of total 2630 KWp capacity at 39 stations, 30 other buildings and 20 level crossings in Danapur division; Solar plants of total 1375 KWp capacity at 60 stations, 14 other buildings and 16 level crossings in Sonpur division; Solar plants of total 1027 KWp capacity at 50 stations, 28 other buildings and 80 level crossings in Samastipur division; Solar plants of total 3760 KWp capacity at 91 stations and 39 other buildings in Dhanbad division. Meanwhile the installation work of solar plant of total 640 KWp capacities at 20 stations and 09 other buildings in Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay division is in progress in various stages.

ECR officials emphasised the importance of minimizing the use of conventional energy for a clean environment. Solar energy not only reduces electricity expenditure but also contributes to environmental sustainability.

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