“If you do not vote, Rs 350 will be deducted from your bank account…”

JNS: In the run-up to the Lok Sabha General Elections 2024, efforts are underway to boost voter turnout and ensure the smooth conduct of the elections. However, a piece of false information circulating on social media claims that the Election Commission has obtained court approval to deduct Rs 350 from the bank accounts of individuals who do not vote.

The misinformation, which has been reported in some newspapers without a dateline, alleges that the Election Commission has directed all banks to implement this supposed order, citing the significant expenses incurred by the Commission on elections, which it claims are wasted when people do not vote.

Clarifying the matter, District Election Officer cum Deputy Commissioner of Bokaro, Vijaya Jadhav, stated on Wednesday that the news is entirely false. The Election Commission of India has also confirmed that no such decision has been made. Residents and the general public are urged not to heed such rumors and refrain from sharing or spreading such misinformation.

Emphasizing the importance of voting, the District Election Officer reiterated that voting is a fundamental right of every citizen. The Sweeping Cell Bokaro is actively engaged in conducting awareness campaigns to educate voters about the significance of participating in the democratic process. All eligible voters are encouraged to exercise their right to vote for a stronger democracy on May 25, 2024.

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