India, Russia Set Target Of 100 Bn Dollars Trade By 2030 During 22nd Annual Summit In Moscow

New Delhi: India and Russia have agreed to set a trade target of 100 billion dollars by 2030. The two countries signed nine documents for cooperation in different fields, including MoUs in the areas of Environment and Climate Change, Cartography, polar research, Investment, Trade, and Pharmaceuticals.

New Delhi and Moscow have also inked MoU on cooperation in the field of Broadcasting between Prasar Bharati and TV Novosti.

Briefing the media in Moscow, Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Kwatra said the agenda of the meeting between the two leaders was principally focused on economic cooperation. It also included elements relating to cooperation between the two countries in the political sphere and a larger space of economic engagement, covering extensively trade, capital linkages, energy, science and technology cooperation, defence, and security.

Kwatra informed that the Prime Minister strongly raised the issue of early discharge of Indian nationals who have been misled into the service of the Russian army. He added that the Russian side promised early discharge of all Indian nationals from the service of the Russian army.

The Foreign Secretary said the two leaders spoke about the new proposed Eastern Corridor, which is called the Chennai-Vladivostok Eastern Corridor. The two leaders also focused on important areas in the economic domain that link with the growth of different sectors in both countries, in particular fertilizer supply from Russia to India, which is directly linked to the production and farmer’s yield in India.

The two leaders also discussed the need to move forward on the India—Eurasian Economic Union trade and Goods Agreement.

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