Jharkhand CM asks Pvt. companies to give 75% of jobs to locals at any costs

Ranchi: Chief Minister Champai Soren reiterated the government’s commitment to enhancing the state’s infrastructure. He affirmed that the policies and plans crafted by former Chief Minister Hemant Soren for the state’s development and public welfare during his four-year tenure would be executed with greater efficiency under his leadership.

Emphasizing the need to propel Jharkhand forward, CM Champai Soren underscored the importance of bolstering the socio-economic, educational, and healthcare systems in the state.

He announced plans to fortify all basic infrastructure, including electricity, water, and roads, in all industrial areas across the state. Additionally, the government intends to offer numerous concessions and facilities to industrial groups.

However, Soren stressed that these companies and institutions must ensure that 75 percent of the jobs are reserved for locals, in compliance with the government’s regulations on this matter.

Furthermore, Soren assured that the government is taking proactive measures to address unemployment among the youth, indicating a concerted effort to create employment opportunities and boost economic growth in the state.

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