Landslide claims 7 lives; 0ver 50 reported missing in Ecuador

JNS: At least seven people have been killed, while over dozens were reported missing after heavy rain caused a mudslide in the southern part of Ecuador yesterday.

According to media reports, a mudslide occurred late Sunday night, burying dozens of homes and injuring several people.

Ecuador’s President Guillermo Lasso said, firefighters from adjacent locations had been rushed to the damaged spot. The disaster area had been designated a “yellow alert” risk zone since February due to previous landslides.

The landslide occurred just over a week after a strong earthquake struck Ecuador’s southwestern border region with Peru, killing 15 people. According to reports, around 7000 homes were destroyed or damaged and dozens of people were killed due to heavy rain in Ecuador since for the beginning of this year. The intense rainfall has been responsible for almost a thousand adverse occurrences, including flooding and landslides.

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