Rs. 200 fine for smoking in public place

smokingWant to light a cigarette at a public place, think twice. District police have decided to strictly enforce a fine of Rs 200 on smoking in public places from Wednesday.

As per the Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COTPA) 2003, smoking in public places is banned and those who violate the law will be slapped a fine of Rs 200.

The district health department made available the fine receipts in all police stations, said S Murmu Civil Surgeon Bokaro.

“Smoking in a public place not only endangering to the smokers, it also affects other people’s lives, said R B Singh Inspector of Herla police station. “We will fine those who smoke in public spaces”, he added.

Now on the directive from the Health department, police has been started implementing the ban in the district from Wednesday, he said.

The sale of tobacco products to minors would be a punishable offence while sale of tobacco products would not be allowed within 100 metres of schools or any educational institutions across the district, said a police official.

The COTPA is an Act enacted in 2003 to prohibit advertisement and regulation of tobacco business in India. It puts restriction on tobacco products including cigarettes, gutka, pan masala, cigar, bidi and chewing tobacco, said the official.

“It also prohibits all forms of advertising and promotion of tobacco products; the sale to or by minors and within 100 yards of educational institutions”, added the official.

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