RSPL Foundation come out in support of needy people

RNS: RSP Learning Foundation has stepped up its humanitarian efforts by donating grocery packets poor and needy residing in various areas of Dhanbad during the lockdown period.

We are continuously distributing food kits among the poor and helpless people, about 400 people got benefited under our food distribution programme during this lockdown period in different areas of the district, said Dr. Surabhi Suman, the Director of the Foundation.

“It costs only Rs 577 to make a food kit. It is very small amount for a common man, but it can provide food for fifteen days to a poor family,” she said.

Out food kit includes rice (9kg), lentils (2kg), gram (500g), potato (5kg), turmeric (5gm), oil (200ml), salt (1kg), chilli (50gm) and one shop, added Dr Surbhi.

Earlier we have distributed food kits in Munidih and Putki areas of Dhanbad, Taladanga Chirkunda and in Maithon areas in which our team members, especially Abhishek, Suresh, Devavrata, Shubham, Ankit, Diwakar, Chetan, Chandni and others have participated enthusiastically. “Now we are planning to distribute food kits in Govindpur areas,” she said.

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