‘Selfie with a Mask’, dist. admin. organises contest to develop habit among people

‘Selfie with a Mask’ contest to develop habit among people

Ashis Sinha I Bokaro: Rigorous efforts are on to spread awareness against COVID-19 and to curtail the spread of Coronavirus. Taking unique initiative Deputy Commissioner Bokaro Mukesh Kumar launched ‘Selfie with a Mask’ contest aiming to bring the use of ‘face masks’ popular among the masses.

Kumar urged the masses to take part in the contest in a bid to help in boosting the awareness drive. “Anyone can upload his selfie with a mask on his face by tagging on the Facebook page or on twitter page,” said DC.

“Tag your selfie on the links— #TalesofHappiness:SpreadPositivity or #BokaroFightsCorona and also post it on the Facebook page of Deputy Commissioner Bokaro or one can also, tweet on @BokaroDc’s twitter page,” added Kumar.

Top three selfie will be selected to be on the Bokaro DC’s Facebook page and the winner will also get an appreciation letter from the district administration Bokaro. The contest is going to be closed on 21 May, he said.

During the period of lockdown, the district administration has made efforts to entertain people who remain in their home launched Live Facebook programme titled “Tales of Happiness spreads positivity”. District administration also launched its own cable channel ‘Smiling Bokaro’ aiming to entertain people and impart education to the students.

The channel can be viewed on channel no.- 158 and 423 on the cable network.

Every day, scholars and experts of various subjects and fields are being lived to share their experiences aiming to spread the positive message among the public. Knowledge of Science, Panchatantra story, Nana – Nani, Dada – Dadi stories, motivational songs, music, and poetries are also being broadcast live through this cable channel.

Kumar urged, “Stay Home and Stay Safe, keep social distance, wash your hands continuously with soap or handwash, consume hot beverages and avoid cold drink or foodstuffs.”


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