Online Cultural Competition – ‘Tarang’ 2020 concludes at DPS Bokaro

Bokaro: A week-long online cultural event— ‘Tarang’ concluded on thumping notes at DPS Bokaro on Tuesday.

The event was organised in different art forms including both visual and performing arts include poster making, face painting, calligraphy, rangoli, mask designing and other events for the Senior Wing (for classes VI to XII), informed a Public Relation official of the school.

Principal, DPS Bokaro, A. S. Gangwar congratulated the students for their enthusiastic participation. “This kind of competition provides the students a platform full of opportunities where they not only get to hone their talents but, also learn virtues like dedication, determination and accepting both success and failure to implement in the real-life,” he stated.

In poster making (Group A) – Aryan Pal (VI/D) secured the first position, Ayush Dumariyar (VI/E) got the second spot while Yashika Sahay (VIII/E) stood third and in (Group B) – Milan Maji (XI/C   ) secured the first position, Jatin Singh (X/E) got the second spot while Tanu Shree (X/A) stood third, informed the school authority.

Face Painting – (Group A) – Ayush Keshri   (VII/E) was the winner while in (Group B) Aditya Raj (X/A) was the winner. In Calligraphy– (Group A) – Riya Kumari (VI/B) secured the first position, Harshit Kumar Jha  (VII/B)  got the second position while Tanya Shree (VII/B)  stood third and in  (Group B) – Shivanya Bahl (X/C) secured the first position, Sakshi Priya (IX/E) got the second spot while Disha Mallick (X/B) stood third.

While in Rangoli Solo (Group A)- Anuska Kumari (VI/E) secured the first position, Aishani Prasad (VI/A) got the second spot while Akshat Singh (VI/B)  stood third. In Salad Decoration (Group A) – Vaishnavi  (VI/D) was the winner while in (Group B)- Pragya Bharadwaj  (X/B) was the winner

Mask Designing (Group A) Shambhavi Thakur (VI/B) secured the first position while Satya Singh (VIII/B) got the second spot and in (Group B) – Rasa Krushna Behera (X/D) secured the first position, Devyansh Kumar (X/E) got the second spot while Rishi Raj  (XI/B) stood third, informed the authority.


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