DPS Bokaro Observes “Corona Prevention Week”

JNS I Bokaro: To show solidarity and spread awareness about Covid- 19 and its prevention, Delhi Public School, Bokaro Steel City observed “Corona Prevention Week” on the virtual platform which concluded on Friday.

The week long programme demonstrated multiple activities through which the students were made alert and prepared to face the crisis in present time. This also provided the students a platform to express themselves.

The  activities conducted for different days were: Boost the Physical Endurance (Yoga for Health), Healthy Diet, Healthy Life (Power Point Presentation), Let’s Break the Chain (Song Presentation with messages) Tribute to Corona Warriors (Posters/ Slogans/e-posters), Creativity Unleashed (Best out of waste, Hidden Talents, Share your experience) etc. All the students participated enthusiastically and exhibited their creative genius through virtual classrooms.

A noteworthy step taken by the school is the formation of a Help Desk for the students wherein they can share their anxiety or fear and get in touch with the school counselor for any kind of consultation.

Expressing concern over the present scenario, Principal, DPS Bokaro, A. S. Gangwar urged everyone to stay safe and follow the Covid norms. “This initiative is an effort to make the students vigilant, conscious and sensible towards the domino effects of the perilous situation and to reduce the unfortunate consequences during pandemic,” he said.

“We hope that we will be able to contribute positively to our children and society in these difficult times”, he remarked.

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