Father axes daughter to death in Plamu

JNS: In a shocking incident, the Chainpur police in Palamu uncovered a gruesome crime where a father, allegedly under the influence of alcohol, brutally murdered his 16-year-old daughter, suspecting her of having illicit relations. The father, identified as Mathura Singh, 52, reportedly used an axe to kill his daughter, while his son, Jitender Singh, 19, assisted him in disposing of the body secretly. Additionally, four other villagers joined the father and son in destroying evidence related to the crime.

The incident came to light on March 8 when a body was discovered in a trench cum bund following a tip-off from a Chowkidar and villagers. The police, led by SP Reeshma Ramesan, conducted an investigation and arrested all six individuals involved in the heinous crime. The suspects were remanded in judicial custody after being presented before the court.

During a press briefing, SP Reeshma Ramesan stated, “The father had axed his 16-year-old daughter to death, banging the axe, locally known as Tangi, on her head.” The body was buried in a trench cum bund, and the police had to exhume it with the help of a magistrate due to its concealed location.

Post-mortem reports from MMCH Daltonganj revealed deep blunt injuries on the girl’s head, indicating that the axe blow caused her death. The father and son attempted to evade arrest by fleeing to a relative’s house in Satbarwa, but they were apprehended by the police.

The four co-villagers who aided in concealing the crime and destroying evidence were also arrested. They were identified as residents of Salutwa village, the same village as the father and son. The case has sent shockwaves through the community, highlighting the tragic consequences of unfounded suspicions and the importance of ensuring justice for the victim.

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