IIT-ISM to hold lectures on “Blockchain Technology”

Ashis Sinha I JNS: Department of Computer Science & Engineering of IIT-ISM Dhanbad, will hold a two-day lecture series on “Blockchain Technology” on 15 and 16 September.

The lecture series would be the virtual event; Dr. Weizhi Meng, Associate Professor (SMIEEE, SMACM) of the Technical University of Denmark, would be the main speaker, informed Professor Arup Kumar Pal, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT(ISM) Dhanbad and coordinator of the event.

“Dr. Weizhi is presently working at the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). In this lecture series, he will deliver two lectures on Blockchain Technology,” added Professor Pal.

“Blockchain” is one emerging technology, and this technology stores the information in a distributed ledger that makes it more secure and trustworthy. Bitcoin is one of the first applications based on “Blockchain Technology”, he said.

For this lecture series, the target participants are Faculty members, Research Scholars, PG and UG students of our institute.

Behind this event, the vision of Professor Rajiv Shekhar, Director IIT-ISM, is how to explore the knowledge of his faculty colleagues, research scholars, PG and UG students on some emerging technologies so that IIT(ISM) researchers can also work on emerging technology for the sake of the development of the country, said Pal.

“So several departments of IIT-ISM have planned to organize some lecture series by experts from Indian or foreign Universities under the guidance of Professor Rajiv ,” he added.

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