India’s contribution is only 4 percent in ‘knowledge sharing’ worldwide

dsc_1075India is the second most populous country in the world and its contribution is only 4 percent in ‘knowledge sharing’ while China is having 16 percent share in ‘knowledge sharing’ in the world, said Dr Prakash Chandra, Chairman of Indian Citation Indexing (ICI).

Chandra admitted that Indian Journals needs adequate support by the government. He emphasized on to maintain publishing standards of the journals and urged Indian publishers to maintain the quality of articles too.

“Authors should respect and follow the publishing standards; “they should also honour the quality of the research work,” he added.

Anil Mehra, President of Journals Association of India (JAI) said, now-a-days a  growing number of Indian academic researchers are now preferring overseas journals to publish their articles or research papers and paying a good deal of money to them.

Indians are paying over 50 crore rupees every day for publishing their academic research papers or articles to the overseas publishers which creating exchequer loss to the Indian government, he said. “Just by way of publication charges, subscription charges, access fees including others huge money is crossing the country’s Boarders, which can be well utilised if Indian journals would be preferred by our authors or researchers,” he added.

The overseas publishers are trying hard to capture Indian Research and Research related market. By branding Indian Journals of low standards and bad quality overseas agencies are on move by declaring Indian Journals ‘Predatory’, he alleged.

“This is ridiculous and unethical,” added Mehra.

Aiming to promote and enhance the Indian Journals and to adjoin their editors, publishers and researchers a two days national conference recently held at Jabalpur in MP. The conference was organised by Journals Association of India (JAI) with the theme “Journal Management with Advanced Tools and Techniques” to provided opportunities for the professionals, publishers; to exchange new ideas and application experiences with one another and finding global partners for knowledge enhancement.

The conference also emphasized on the promotion and advancement of Indian Journals.


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