Attitude should be the Gratitude : Dr. Hemlata

dsc_9176The special morning assembly at DPS Bokaro, aimed to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community among the students. It brought back together the whole school after a short refreshing break that followed the annual examination and the result declaration.

Students presented themselves on the school campus in new dazzling white uniforms, with new hopes and aspirations. The assembly was graced by the Director and Principal, Dr. Hemlata S.
Mohan. She greeted and welcomed the students to a fresh start. Apprising the students of the values of sharing, gratitude, non-violence, love and caring she remarked that Gratitude should be
the Attitude and Well begun is Half Done. She also appreciated the cultural and vibrant performances showcased by the students. She congratulated the toppers of various classes.

The main highlight of the assembly was the fervor with which students presented a song “A Beautiful Day” welcoming the new beginning of the session. The students presented Bharatanatyam Dance Form- ‘Ganesh Vandana” for the new beginning. Students lauded the exuberant presentation, ‘Classical Fusion’ – a dance performance of Class VI students which reflected happiness, generosity, enlightening humanity with divine blessings.

Later in the day, an orientation programme was organized for the students of Class VI. Dr. Mohan while addressing the students stressed upon the need of setting one’s goals and getting them accomplished through hard work and consistent perseverance. She emphasized the importance of life-skills which include communication skills and interpersonal skills as the fundamental.

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