Paramhans Lakshminath Gosai Memorial Festival Celebrated in Bokaro

Bokaro: The Paramhans Lakshminath Gosai Memorial Festival, a significant cultural event held in Chas, was inaugurated by the esteemed chief guest, Priyadarshi Alok, Superintendent of Police, Bokaro.

The event witnessed the participation of several prominent figures, including Amarjeet Choudhary, the President of the organizing committee, who, along with other officials, unveiled the Babaji souvenir book.

During the festival, founder member Chandra Kant Jha and various speakers shared their thoughts and insights about Babaji, celebrating his legacy and contributions. The occasion also featured a poetic seminar and captivating cultural performances that enthralled the audience.

The success of this event was made possible through the dedicated efforts of the organizing committee, which includes Ranjit Kumar Jha “Kanhaiya,” Amarjeet Chaudhary, Dev Kumar Chaudhary, Mahakant Jha, Vikas Kumar Chaudhary, Abhishek Kumar, Shravan Kumar Jha, and others who tirelessly contributed to its realization.

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