PM Modi Meets Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer in Vienna, Strengthening Bilateral Ties

Vienna: Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India today engaged in bilateral discussions with Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer during his official visit to Vienna. The meeting, which took place against the backdrop of strong diplomatic ties between India and Austria, aimed to bolster cooperation across various sectors.

Expressing gratitude via a social media update, Prime Minister Modi conveyed his appreciation to Chancellor Nehammer for the warm reception. Modi underscored the enduring friendship between India and Austria, expressing optimism that bilateral relations would flourish in the future. Anticipating productive deliberations, Modi emphasized India’s commitment to collaborating with Austria on global initiatives for mutual benefit.

In response, Chancellor Nehammer reciprocated the sentiments, describing it as a privilege and a pleasure to host Prime Minister Modi in Austria. Stressing the importance of the strategic partnership between the two nations, Nehammer looked forward to substantive discussions on political and economic matters during Modi’s visit.

The meeting between Modi and Nehammer signifies a reaffirmation of the longstanding diplomatic relations and mutual respect shared between India and Austria.

As both leaders look ahead to enhancing bilateral cooperation, the visit holds promise for fostering greater synergies in areas of mutual interest on the global stage.

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