SAIL Chairman attacked, two arrested

JNS: Chairman, Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) A. K. Choudhary was attacked by four unknown persons at HUDCO Place near South Extension, New Delhi on Wednesday night. According to the media reports Choudhary got injuries in his head; he was attacked by iron rods, while his driver was taken into captivity by four miscreants. Fortunately for him a Police Motorcycle Patrol caught a peek of his tussle and two of the miscreants were nabbed. Choudhary was immediately rushed to AIIMS’ Trauma Center who was later discharged after giving first aid.

SAIL has issued a press statement regarding the incident stating, “Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is deeply shocked and anguished while sharing the news of murderous assault on the Company’s Chairman Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary by four unknown assailants on the night of 7th August, 2019 near HUDCO Place, New Delhi while he was on his way back to his residence from office in his official car.

Chaudhary was brutally attacked at around 10.30 pm when his car was intentionally hit by another car occupied by four people. As he and his driver came out of their car, one person from the other car caught the driver by his neck while the other three severely attacked Shri Chaudhary with iron rods on his head, neck, knees and legs. The assailants were also armed with knives. The driver was left unharmed.

Fortunately, the Police Motorcycle Patrol arrived at the site and managed to nab 2 persons. Chaudhary was taken to AIIMS’ Trauma Centre for immediate medical treatment. He has since been discharged from the hospital. A complaint to this effect has been registered at Hauz Khas Police Station, New Delhi. The police is investigating the attack from all possible angles.”

While reacting to the incident, SAIL- Chairman said, “I was taken by surprise by this unexpected and violent attack by the assailants. It was a murderous assault. However, I am grateful to Police Patrol for their quick actions. Due to their timely arrival and prompt intervention, two miscreants could be nabbed on the spot. I am confident that the police will probe the matter and book all the culprits”.

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