SAIL launches SAIL SeQR TMT bars for safe homes

New Delhi: Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) has launched a new brand of TMT bars named SAIL SeQR (pronounced as SAIL secure), which is safer and has the unique combined features of higher strength with better ductility which will provide enhanced safety to the construction. The production of these TMT bars began in the new state-of-the-art mill of SAIL’s IISCO Steel Plant on 1st May and the first consignment was flagged off on 6th May 2019.
SAIL Chairman Shri Anil Kumar Chaudhary said that, “The Company is committed to making products, which are best in class and superior in quality so that our customers get the best value. The Company’s concern for safety in any construction is paramount and SAIL SeQR, our new brand of TMT, has the superior properties of higher strength and improved ductility, offering assurance. These improved characteristics are top class in the market making it a preferred choice for the users.”
He further added, “SAIL, in all its new mills, is ramping up production to cater to emerging requirements of the market. This innovative product is an outcome of the technological superiority of our mills and commitment to give the best to our customers.”

SAIL SeQR TMT bars possess the unique combination of higher strength with better ductility that surpasses the minimum specified level mentioned for this class by BIS. Characterised by the best UTS/YS (Ultimate Tensile Strength / Yield Strength) ratio of 1.18 in this class, these bars can absorb more energy when stressed beyond yielding point without any catastrophic failures due to sudden occurrences such as earthquake/tsunami etc. Produced through an advanced manufacturing process, this combination is achieved through automated and sophisticated cooling and following stringent process control. The highly clean steel for these TMT bars is made by adopting primary steel making a route with secondary refining process resulting in lower levels of sulphur and phosphorous as well as gaseous content. It brings in a marked improvement in the quality of the TMT bars. SAIL SeQR TMT bars, having a prominent and uniform rib pattern, provides a stronger bond with concrete. Moreover, this has superior bendability allowing easier bending with less effort. SAIL SeQR bars will also be available in the corrosion-resistant variety under the name SAIL SeQR-CR.

SAIL SeQR TMT bars will be available in the length of 12 meters initially in sizes with 8 mm – 20 mm diameter. The Company is primarily focussing the segment of individual house builders through its retail marketing channel, which is also being strengthened concurrently to maximize the reach of this brand. Initially, this would be available through the retail channels primarily in the eastern states and thereafter rolled out to the other areas as production increases steadily at ISP and later from Bhilai Steel Plant as well.

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