‘Starlink’ soon to launch satellite internet service in India

# Presently, Starlink is operational in more than 55 countries.

RNS: Starlink, the satellite internet service provider company founded by Elon Musk, is gearing up to introduce its high-speed internet services in India within the next month.

The company is currently awaiting approval from the Department of Telecommunications to secure a license for Global Mobile Personal Communication by Satellite (GMPCS). Once granted, this license will make Starlink the third entity eligible for spectrum allocation in India, following OneWeb and Jio Satellite, allowing it to provide satellite broadband services nationwide.

Its’ worth mentioning that, Airtel is launching the satellite service in partnership with One Web. Jio is partnering with Luxembourg-based company SES for satellite service.

Starlink has already submitted its comprehensive plans, encompassing satellite deployment, data transmission, and storage, to the Department of Telecommunications to initiate the process of rolling out its broadband services, Financial Express reported.

Previously, Starlink had faced challenges in India due to its initiation of services without the requisite license in 2021. The company had also collected pre-order payments from over 5000 Indian customers, but following the absence of government approval, Elon Musk was compelled to halt the project and subsequently refund the customers.

It’s important to note that the GMPCS license is crucial for satellite-based communication and data transfer and is typically issued for a 20-year period. Obtaining this license necessitates approval from the Department of Space, the Department of Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Reports in the media have indicated that Starlink’s satellite internet service can deliver speeds of up to 1.5 to 2 Gbps, obviating the need for traditional mobile towers. This feature is poised to enhance internet accessibility in remote areas of India significantly. While satellite broadband services often come with slightly higher fees compared to fibre-based options, Starlink may offer promotional deals to its users. There could also be a one-time setup cost ranging from ₹8 to ₹10 and monthly charges between ₹300 and ₹400 for installation.

Currently, Starlink operates in over 55 countries worldwide. Elon Musk’s Starlink service provides users with a comprehensive package, including a Wi-Fi router, power supply, cables, and a mounting tripod, ensuring a reliable connection to the satellite network.

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