Decentro Announces India’s First Fintech Fellowship Program

Bangalore: Decentro, a banking API Integration platform for businesses, announced the launch of India’s first Fintech Fellowship Program for developers (Individual/Teams) that are young graduates and final year students. The program that spans over 2.5 Months will provide top three individual developers or teams, an opportunity to build their ideas into reality, along with a monthly grant INR 50K per team from the company.

The young developers will also get a coveted mentorship from the Decentro team that can strengthen their developer portfolio and provide them with industry experience. The selection will be done based on the application submission by each applicant that addresses some problem that they personally relate to or want to solve for the people around them through their fintech solution.

On the initiation of the pioneering program, Rohit Taneja, Founder & CEO, Decentro, said, “India is known for its technological skills and with the focus on coding and associated language programs, there are many young and budding developers waiting for their chance to transform the sector with their unique ideas. With the readiness of banking sector to adopt API solutions, this fellowship will be a stepping-stone for the developers to catapult their ideas and make it a successful reality.”

The applications for the program are open from March 21, 2021 and interested participants can log on to and submit their application through the form.  The developer teams can be a maximum of three individuals.

Decentro recently received a raise of their follow-on capital that added to their seed round of funding. Along with partnering with banks to build Banking-As-A-Service (BaaS) products, the company has plans to double the team strength and customer base by 5X in 2021.

Decentro is a full-stack API banking platform where you can come, select your desired modules, integrate in the sandbox, and launch a product with just a few lines of code in a couple of weeks! Not only that, but the platform also takes care of all upcoming fixes, iterations, and updates without breaking any flow.



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