‘A solution to climate change’ 


‘A solution to climate change’ writes Jai Prakash, tells Global warming is the only problem which has brought the world together under a roof, either in Paris or elsewhere.

The book ‘A solution to climate change’ is based on the Global Warming. Author Jai Prakash tells Global warming is the only problem which has brought the world together under a roof, either in Paris or elsewhere, even terrorism has not such global appeal. Every nation has an equal opportunity to come out with a solution but especially PM Modi has the potential to grab this golden opportunity for the resurgence of a world master and reinstate India’s lost dignity.

We are not part of the problem but we can be part of the solution because India has the ability to identify and address new challenges and Indians are desperate to see the world changing along with resurgent India. The most advantageous factor India has is that it is still working on its infrastructure, says author.

India must lead in combating global warming because it has a long history of respect and worship for nature as mother and no one need to teach us how to care the mother, Jai Prakash added.

The book compares the rate of transportation to rate of blood circulation, one is the lifeline of society while other is life line of an individual, but lower as well as higher rates of blood circulation or transportation has an adverse effect on the health of either an individual or a society respectively.

It also compares today’s qualified professionals to fool Kalidas who was cutting the branch of a tree on which his survival depend and now-a-days we are cutting trees and forests on which survival of the whole humankind depends but with a difference, this time we gave it a name – development. It says, if science finds either a plant or a tree, either a drop of water or a lake on any other planet than our mother earth, it will be one of the greatest achievements of science, a breaking news for the world but here we are clearing forest and polluting the ocean and all this in the name of development.

The author proposes some radically new ideas on which we can work together to combat climate change but it has potential to address many other burning issues of society as well.

At the end he added, Gandhiji’s saying, “The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems”.

Its words are very simple and convincing; at some point, it will make you feel while at others it will make you think. Book of this genre addressing the global issue by a young Indian author is really a job of appreciation.

This book is published by Lord’s Publishing House and available online at Amazon.

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