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M C Behera: Recent global shift provides context for India to turn it to its advantage and restore   Pakistan and China occupied territories. The USA which was in favour of Pakistan in 1971 is now India’s ally. Certainly, the USA cannot be relied upon for a long time like time-tested friend Russia.  Present relation of the US with China and the attraction of India’s expanding market have drawn the US nearer to India. In case any war with China India holds a strategic position.  The philosophy of the US, that enemy’s enemy is friend, cannot be ignored. The equation may change any time and it may find Pakistan useful. In that case, a friend’s enemy will become the enemy.  The remark of   President Trump in the case of non-compliance of his request to supply hydroxychloroquine is well known. Then the US applies ‘use and throw’ formula. It is, therefore, time for India to bend the situation in its favour.

 Recently friendship tie is growing stronger with other countries like Australia and Japan. Israel is India’s strategic friend. The UK, France, and German are not our adversaries. The world has a negative opinion about Pakistan and China due to Pakistan’s role in terrorism and China’s expansionist policy, human rights violation and irresponsible role in COVID-19 situation. Hong Kong and Taiwan including several Southeast countries are victims of China’s policy and they look at India.

 For India, the iron is hot as China has instigated trouble in Ladhak challenging our sovereignty.  It uses Pakistan and has occupied India’s land for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (EOEC) in POK. Further, China Occupied Kashmir (COK), i.e. Aksai Chin since 1962 and   China’s unjustified claim over Arunachal Pradesh have remained unresolved. The time is in India’s favour to retake its territories and resolve territorial disputes for future peace and regional stability. For regional leadership, it should support Tibet’s cause and rectify our past mistake of recognising China’s claim over it.

A free Tibet is of India’s interest. It will solve the problem of Aksai Chin.  China cannot claim Arunachal Pradesh considering it as a part of South Tibet. Similarly, the Chinese threat through Nepal, which is now a new trend in India’s relationship with Nepal and China will not be possible. The tiny country Bhutan will not suffer from the bullying of China. Retaking POK will also resolve most of our problems created by Pakistan and China will not use land in POK.

 It is now advantaged India to put the bridle on Pakistan and China. Opportunity may not come the way it has come now.  As William Arthur Ward says, ‘Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.’ It is the right time to strike the iron as it is hot.

(The writer M. C. Behera is Professor at Arunachal Institute of Tribal Studies and Rajiv Gandhi University, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh can be contacted; (M): 9436252229)


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