Bharti Sahitya Parishad hosts ‘Holi Milan’ event

Bokaro: On Saturday evening, Bharati Sahitya Parishad, Bokaro, organized a vibrant Holi Milan program at Sadguru Sadafaldev Ashram, Vihangam Yoga Institute in Sector 5B. The event also featured a captivating Kavi Gosthi.

The program, presided over by Bharati Sahitya Parishad President Shiv Kumar Singh and guided by General Secretary Dr. Nar Narayan Tiwari and Dr. Parmeshwar Bharti, commenced with the traditional garlanding and offering of flowers to the picture of Mother Saraswati.

A rich array of performances marked the event, including Jyoti Verma’s emotional rendition of a Virah song, Dr. Ram Narayan Singh’s lively Bhojpuri Holi song ‘Holi Ail Ba…’, Dr. Nar Narayan Tiwari’s soul-stirring ‘Anurag Ki Bindi’, and Dr. Ranjana Srivastava’s poignant poem on Sant Ravidas, reflecting on a time of ostentation, untouchability, and superstition.

The evening also showcased Randhir Chandra Goswami’s melodious song, Dr. Shyam Sundar Prasad’s insightful poem, a mesmerizing Ghazal by Dayanand Singh, a thought-provoking Hindi poem by Dr. Satyadev Tiwari, Geeta Kumari’s enchanting song, Soni Kumari’s enlightening poem on Ram, and Dr. Parmeshwar Bharti’s evocative ‘Kali Kajraali Aankhen, Lal Ratnar Bhai.. .’. Arun Pathak presented a vibrant Holi song in Maithili, ‘Holi Pavani Achhi Manbhavan, ‘Ekra Sabh Mili Sang Manau…’, while Sukh Nandan Singh ‘Saday’ recited the title poem from his recently published poetry collection ‘Dagar Se Nagar Tak’ and a poem on Ram, receiving acclaim from the audience.

The event concluded with a heartfelt tribute to the late litterateurs Raj Kishore Ojha and Rajendra Rakesh, celebrating their invaluable literary contributions. Dr. Nar Narayan Tiwari highlighted their enduring impact, followed by two minutes of silence and prayers for the peace of their souls.

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