BSL exports HR coils, Pig iron to China

BSL continues to make inroads in export market

Ashis Sinha I Bokaro: Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) a unit of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) is exploring opportunities to boost its exports at a time the COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown put a halt on domestic demand.

By adopting the formula of turning the challenges arising due to Coronavirus pandemic into opportunities, BSL workers are ready to make the most of the new opportunities available in the global steel market; engaged in the production for international markets.

Despite the temporary shortfall in production due to COVID-19 lockdown, our team is making good use of the opportunities available to BSL, said Mani Kant Dhan Chief of Communication BSL.

Demand for steel seems to be reviving in some way in the global market and BSL is ready to take advantage of this increase in demand for steel in the present time. In the same series, BSL has received an order of 30,000 tons of Hot Rolled (HR) coils and 20,000 tons of Pig iron to supply to China, he said.

“Dispatch (for export) of HR coils, CC slabs, and pig iron rakes from the plant continues,” added Dhan.

In the month of May, there has been a clear demand for Bokaro Steel products in the steel export market. Last month, BSL supplied 30,000 tons of CC (Concast) slabs to China. We have also exported around 3000 tons of Hot Rolled Coil (HR Coil) to Nepal, said COC.

In addition to these export orders, seven rakes of pig iron have also been sent to the domestic market last month. Around another 45000 tonne steel of different grades likely to be exported to various countries very soon, informed COC.

“Apart from China, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other countries also have good demand for BSL’s Steel Products. Our officials are brainstorming on the strategy of production and dispatch,” added Dhan.

Encouraged by these successes, the team BSL is ready for all future challenges, said COC.


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