CCL ensures reduction in carbon footprint by adopting eco-friendly alternatives

Ranchi: Central Coalfields Limited (CCL), a Jharkhand-based subsidiary of Coal India Limited, is leading the way in environmentally conscious mining practices. Committed to conserving resources and adopting eco-friendly alternatives, CCL has embraced sustainable practices to minimize its environmental impact.

The company’s approach prioritizes environmental consciousness in its operations and decision-making processes. It has invested in green technologies and aims to minimize environmental impact throughout its value chain.

To mitigate air pollution from mining activities, CCL has deployed surface miners and primarily transports coal via railway rakes to power plants across different states. This approach has eliminated the need for drilling, blasting, and crushing coal, which were significant sources of pollution. Over 15 surface miners are currently in use at various company mines.

Recognizing that drilling in mine areas also contributes to air pollution, CCL has equipped around 112 drills with dust extractors or wet drilling technologies. Additionally, mobile sprinklers are used at mining sites to control dust particles. The company has deployed 61 mobile sprinklers of 28 KL capacity and is transitioning to procure mist-type sprinklers, which are more effective at dust suppression.

CCL has also installed 27 trolley-mounted fog cannons for dust suppression and 28 PM10 analyzers for advanced air pollution monitoring. Furthermore, the company aims to establish 425 MW of solar power plants by 2026 to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, with 20 MW already under construction in the Piparwar area.

In 2023, CCL planted trees on approximately 231 hectares of land, with a focus on the Rajrappa area using the Miyawaki method. This initiative aims to boost green cover and mitigate environmental impact.

Overall, CCL’s commitment to sustainable practices not only ensures energy security for the country but also benefits local communities and stakeholders. The company is dedicated to playing a significant role in achieving the nation’s energy security while minimizing its environmental footprint.

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