Chandrayaan-3: Lander Vikram successfully separates from propulsion module

JNS: India’s lunar exploration program achieved a significant milestone as the Chandrayaan 3 lander successfully detached from its propulsion module, marking the commencement of its final descent onto the lunar surface.

Lander Vikram, accompanied by a robust 26-kilogram Rover Pragyan, the lander’s separation signifies a crucial step towards furthering our understanding of the Moon’s enigmatic terrain. It is set to land (soft) at the lunar South Pole on 23 August 2023, at around 5.30 pm IST.

After Chandrayaan-3’s lander separated from its propulsion module, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on X :

‘Thanks for the ride, mate!’
said the Lander Module (LM).
LM is successfully separated from the Propulsion Module (PM)
LM is set to descend to a slightly lower orbit upon a deboosting planned for tomorrow around 1600 Hrs., IST.

From its present near-circular orbit of 153 x 163 kilometres, the lander module will descend further towards the lunar surface after a de-boosting manoeuvre scheduled for tomorrow evening, as reported by the ISRO.

Earlier, ISRO Chairman S. Somanath said that the most crucial aspect of the landing would begin once the 30km x 100km orbit was completed and that this would involve slowing the lander’s velocity from 30km height to the final touchdown.

The rover will be sent to the moon’s surface when the lander module safely lands there. Two scientific instruments, called “payloads,” are installed aboard the rover to analyze the lunar soil and rock for elements including magnesium, aluminium, and iron.

Only one lunar day (or 14 earth days) of operation is planned for the Chandrayaan-3 rover. This is because it does not have adequate insulation to withstand the freezing conditions of the lunar night.

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