Cybercriminals’ new tactic is to entice people to double their rations

by Ashis Sinha

Now, cybercriminals have opted new modus operandi to cheat innocent people by asking for 4 digits of OTP to update their ration cards.


Cybercriminals were enticing people into their trap, offering them a double quantity of ration after upgrading their ration cards.


Now-a-days, incidents of online fraud are on the rise. Cybercriminals come up with different reasons to trap poor people and steal their money kept in banks. However, the government and the police are struggling to decrease the number of these criminals effectively. When cybercriminals call their victims, they often pretend to be bank managers, supply department officers, or power department employees. Sometimes, they also pretend to be officers from the supply department when they call people.


One such incident occurred when Surendra Kumar, a resident of Sector-9, received a call from the number 7204524146 at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday. The caller claimed to be an employee from the Lucknow Ration Card Department and stated that a 4-digit OTP would be sent to update his card. The caller further warned that if the card was not updated, he would no longer receive rations starting from the next month. However, he would receive a double quantity of ration if the card was updated.


Surendra was suspicious because he had not yet received his ration card. He immediately received a 4-digit OTP on his phone. He confronted the caller in response, expressing his disappointment in their attempts to deceive vulnerable individuals. Upon hearing this, the caller disconnected the call, told Surendra.

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