Dhanbad district administration uses ‘PK’ movie character to boost voter awareness

Dhanbad: The district administration in Dhanbad has adopted a unique approach to raise awareness and increase voter turnout by using the popular film “PK” as a medium. In an effort to address the low voting percentage, the administration, through the Kala Sanskriti Manch, has enlisted Ganesh Turi to portray actor Aamir Khan’s character from the movie “PK.”

Dressed as Aamir Khan’s character, Ganesh Turi is engaging with the public to emphasize the importance of voting before indulging in refreshments. He is encouraging people to prioritize voting on May 25th to strengthen democracy.

This initiative is particularly crucial as Dhanbad and Jharia witnessed the lowest voter turnout in the previous elections in the state.

The administration’s creative approach aims to remind people of their voting rights and encourage them to participate in the democratic process.

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