Dist. Admin launches “Smiling Bokaro”— cable channel to entertain, educate people 

Bokaro: Aiming to entertain people and impart education to the students, during the lockdown, district administration Bokaro launched its own cable channel ‘Smiling Bokaro’ on Friday; can be viewed on channel no.- 158 and 437 on the cable network.

Bokaro Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar inaugurated the channel broadcasting studio at Suchna Bhawan. Speaking on the occasion Kumar said, the district administration has made efforts to entertain people, impart education to the students who remain in their home due to lockdown, an attempt to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection.

All kinds of entertaining activities, online classes and Tales of Happiness programme, (currently running live on Facebook) would also be telecasted on this cable channel,” he added. “Smiling Bokaro Bulletin” – News broadcast is also proposed to broadcast on the channel which will be made known to the public about the day-long activities across the district, he said.

Every day, scholars and experts of various subjects and fields are proposed for being lived to share their experiences aiming to spread the positive message among the public. Knowledge of Science, Panchatantra story, Nana – Nani, Dada – Dadi stories, motivational songs, music, and poetries are also being broadcast live through this cable channel too, said the official.

‘Smiling Bokaro’ is available on cable network’s channel no. 158 on SCN, DEN and TARA while on SITI Cable network it is available on Channel no.- 423, informed DPRO official.

The administration also running Live Facebook programme titled “Tales of Happiness”; Knowledge of Science, Panchatantra and other stories, songs, music, and poetries are also being broadcast live through this Facebook live programme. This is an attempt to create an entertaining atmosphere among the common people, said the official.


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