DPS Bokaro Launches Hindi Literary Magazine ‘Swara’

JNS: In an effort to foster a deeper connection and interest in the official language of Hindi among students, Delhi Public School, Bokaro, celebrated Hindi Day with great fervor on Thursday. The celebration commenced with a special prayer gathering held within the school’s Ashwaghosh art area.

Dr A S Gangwar, the Principal of DPS Bokaro, accompanied by senior teachers, inaugurated the event by lighting a ceremonial lamp. In the spirit of Hindi Day, the entire prayer session was conducted exclusively in Hindi, setting the tone for the day. The students commenced the proceedings with a soulful rendition of the group song ‘Manushya Tu Bada Mahan Hai…’.

Following the musical performance, Sankalp Somesh, a student, delivered profound thoughts in Hindi. Anvi, another student, read out the latest news updates, while Shipra Hembram delivered a speech underscoring the significance of the Hindi language. Harshita Singh recited a self-composed poem that resonated with the audience, and Akshita Pathak earned applause for her contribution. Furthermore, student Advita administered the oath of national unity and integrity.

Amid the ceremony, the school’s Hindi department unveiled the latest edition of its annual Hindi literary magazine, ‘Swara,’ as a tribute to Hindi Day.

Gangwar also introduced the digital ‘e-version’ of the magazine.

‘Swara’ encompasses a beautifully curated collection of poetry, stories, and thoughts contributed by both students and teachers. Dr Gangwar hailed ‘Swara’ as a commendable initiative in promoting literary creativity.

A special prayer meeting was also arranged for the primary school students as part of the Hindi Diwas celebrations. Young students, through various literary and cultural activities, conveyed their love for Hindi and its richness. They took a pledge, reiterating their commitment to Hindi.

The event continued with recitations of renowned poems, including ‘Pushp ki Abhilasha,’ and various banners and posters that showcased affection for the Hindi language, drawing attention and raising awareness among all participants.

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