Hindi-fortnight celebrations begin with enthusiasm at CTPS

JNS: Chandrapura Thermal Power Station (CTPS), a unit under the Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), has embarked on a series of events aimed at promoting the official language, Hindi, as part of the Hindi Fortnight and Hindi Day celebrations, commencing from Thursday.

The festivities commenced at the Unit 7-8 conference room, where the event was inaugurated by Chief General Manager and Project Head, Sunil Kumar Pandey. Senior General Manager Rampravesh Shah, Deputy General Manager Administration T.T. Das, along with other esteemed officers and dedicated employees, joined in the ceremonial lighting of the lamp.

As a mark of commitment to the cause, all officials and employees present took the official language pledge. The Chief General Manager and Senior General Manager unveiled the official language poster during the ceremony.

Addressing the gathering, CGM Pandey emphasized that for the betterment of society, country, and institution, every individual must embrace Hindi. He drew attention to how even in developed nations, tasks are accomplished in their native languages. He pointed out that in India, the Prime Minister and the President use Hindi extensively in significant programs. He urged everyone to draw inspiration from this and recognized it as the collective responsibility of all to propagate Hindi.

CGM Pandey stressed that achieving national language status for Hindi requires a concerted effort. He called upon employees and officers to not only use Hindi themselves but also to instill awareness about the language among their children.

Senior General Manager Rampravesh Shah, while reading the message from DVC Chairman in Hindi, inspired the officers and employees present to work diligently in Hindi.

He underlined that it falls upon each one of us to elevate Hindi from an official language to a national language. This transformation can only occur when all Indians conduct their affairs in Hindi and prepare the younger generation to do the same.

DGM Administration TT Das, in his address, read out the message from the CGM and the Project Head in Hindi. He passionately appealed to officers and employees to raise their consciousness about the use of Hindi.

The event witnessed the presence of several dignitaries, including Deputy General Manager Sanjeev Kumar, Manvendra Priyadarshi, Deepak Kumar, Ranjit Choubey, Hari Mukund Prajapati, Dilip Kumar, Ajay Kumar Singh, Rajkumar Chaudhary, Rajeev Ranjan Jha, Rajeev Ranjan, Dr. S. Tigga, MK Jha, Poonam Kumari, Ranjit Kumar Nirala, Umesh Kumar, Animesh Giri, Tapan Kumar Das, Satyendra Kumar Singh, Kiran Srivastava, Ravi Ranjan Singh, Ramji Rajak, Vasant Kumar Mahapatra, Dharmendra Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Anil Kumar Gupta, Suman Kumar, and Sanjeev Kumar.

The commencement of Hindi Fortnight at DVC Chandrapura reflects the collective commitment to elevate Hindi as a national language, fostering a sense of unity and pride in our linguistic heritage.

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