DPS Bokaro students innovates ‘Nandini’ AI App to transform cattle health

Bokaro: Bokaro boys, Sarvgya from class 10 and Rishit Shandilya from class 9 at Delhi Public School (DPS) Bokaro have unveiled a unique invention aimed at safeguarding the health of cows and other livestock.

Their groundbreaking creation, named ‘Nandini,’ employs AI (Artificial Intelligence) sensors to diagnose diseases in cattle promptly and offer timely treatment through a dedicated web application.

The young inventors identified a significant shortage of veterinarians relative to the cattle population in Bokaro. Moved by the sight of an ailing cow, they conceived the idea of providing assistance to animal farmers and veterinarians, leading to their pioneering invention. Notably, ‘Nandini’ has been selected for the national stage of the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC).

The students have developed a prototype model designed for the health assessment of livestock. After using the ‘Nandini’ web app to examine their four-legged companions, animal owners can connect with veterinarians to seek health-related advice and obtain appropriate medications for treatment.

The project’s vision is to establish a telemedicine platform facilitating communication between users and veterinarians through an AI-powered system for early disease detection in cattle. This platform is expected to bridge the gap between veterinarians and livestock keepers, streamlining access to professional guidance and services.

Explaining the model’s operation, student Sarvgya revealed that their creation relies on a specialized technology. By measuring the animals’ heart rate and body temperature through sensors, the ‘Nandini’ web app provides information about potential diseases. Subsequently, local veterinarians can be contacted for advice, ensuring timely treatment and saving cattle lives. The project’s development cost amounted to approximately Rs 900, covering the expense of electrical boards, sensors, and the ‘Nandini’ web app.

The project encompasses two AI models for cattle disease diagnosis. The first model operates based on characteristic sensor input, while the second employs computer vision to address the issue of lumps in cattle. The first model relies on 94 symptoms and 2444 parameters related to 26 types of cattle diseases.

Dr. AS Gangwar, the school’s Principal, praised the innovation of Rishit and Sarvgya, extending his best wishes for their participation in the national-level competition. He emphasized DPS Bokaro’s continuous efforts to nurture and enhance the scientific talents of its students, providing them with ample opportunities for growth.

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