DPS Chas hosts exciting ‘Tunnel Ball’ competition

JNS: Delhi Public School in Chas, Bokaro, witnessed an exciting Tunnel ball competition brimming with spirited performances and sportsmanship today. The event saw active participation from the four houses of the school – Chenab, Ganga, Sutlej, and Yamuna.

In the Boys’ team championship, Sutlej House emerged victorious, securing the first position, while Ganga House showcased an impressive performance to claim the second spot. Chenab House secured the second Runner up position, and Yamuna House secured the fourth position in this fiercely contested tournament.

The Girls’ team championship witnessed an equally fierce competition, with Sutlej House claiming the top spot, demonstrating their skills and teamwork. Yamuna House secured the second position, and Chenab House secured third. Ganga House showcased their dedication and talent to secure the fourth position in this category.

The tournament, held within the school campus, witnessed the active participation of hundreds of students from different houses, showcasing their athletic prowess and team spirit.

Speaking on the occasion, Officiating Principal Deepali Bhuskute emphasized the significance of sports beyond mere entertainment. She highlighted that sports play a vital role in the physical development of every child, contributing to their overall growth and well-being.

Dr. Hemlata S. Mohan, Chief Mentor of the school, expressed the school’s belief in the importance of sports as an integral part of education. She emphasized that sports not only keep a person physically fit but also foster mental strength, contributing to the all-around development of children.

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