Drones helping authorities to implement effective lockdown

# DC Boakro appealed, village chiefs across the district, whoever enters from outside in your area must take the initiative to inform the district administration so that the person can be closely monitored.

JNS I Bokaro: District administration Bokaro warned the public to stay home or face arrest in a bid to strictly enforce the coronavirus lockdown. The administration has initiated another step to prevent people from coming out unnecessarily, breaking the lockdown norms, used drone cameras to capture visuals of people coming out from their homes and book cases against them.

Bokaro Deputy Commissioner Mukesh Kumar appealed mass to stay safe in their homes, follow the lockdown. Based on the video clippings captured, action will be initiated, he said.

Monitoring is also being done with drones and CCTV cameras in Telo, Sadam and Pipradih village areas respectively under Gomia and Chandrapura block of the district.

Besides, on the checkpoint and entry point of the villages more 54 CCTV cameras have been installed across these village areas, while the affected areas are also being monitored by drone cameras, said Kumar.

“People should venture out only in cases of emergency and purchase essential commodities. They should return home as soon as the purchase is done and not linger on roads,” he added.

“It mandatory for every resident of the district, who is required to move out of the house due to urgent work, is required to wear a mask and comply with social distancing,” said DC.

He said that if any person is found outside wearing masks and violating social distancing, then strict legal action will be taken against them.

“If the mask is not available, self-made masks or towel and handkerchiefs or others can also be used,” added Kumar.

On Monday, reports of 36 samples of Coronavirus test have been received which are all negative, he said.

It is our endeavour that no one in the district should go hungry during the lockdown period. Initiatives are being taken by the administration to feed about 5.50 lakh needy people every day.

Apart from this, the initiative to provide food to the people regularly in the urban and BSL township areas through Sadbhavna Kitchen is also being taken. Along with human service, an initiative is being made to make 1500 rotis at Kasturba Residential School, Chas for every day to save the animals, he said.

The administration is working hard on virus risk mitigation plans and regarding the management of the people who will return after lockdown in the district. After the lock-down is over, a large number of migrant labourers in the district will return to their homes, so all the village chiefs were asked to be conscious during that time.

Kumar appealed to all village chiefs across the district whoever enters from outside in your area must take the initiative to inform the district administration so that the person can be closely monitored.

“You all (village chiefs) are standing as a true soldier against COVID-19; so must inform to District Control Room and the Block Development Officer, if anybody enters into your village or panchayat from outside,” added Kumar.

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