ESL launches WADI Project to educate farmers about sustainable agriculture

JNS: Vedanta-Electrosteel (ESL) along with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and Gramin Seva Sang (GSS) inaugurated their prestigious WADI Project at Partand village in Bokaro district on Wednesday.

Aiming to develop an orchard on waste or dry land owned by the tribal families this project was inaugurated, will help in educating the farmers about sustainable agriculture, improve their quality of life, and empower women in the tribal-dominated areas of the country, said a Public Relations Officer of ESL.

Under the WADI Project, a marginal farmer who owns not more than 5 acres of land is helped with intercropping with two strategically selected crops. Fruit-bearing trees such as mango, litchis and cashews are planted along with agricultural crops in each acre of land. This helps to minimise climatic, biological and marketing risks.

On the inauguration, SLVP Reddy, COO, ESL Steel Ltd said, this is the most popular developmental program of NABARD. Under the WADI project, tribal families are supported for developing a one-acre orchard in waste or dry land owned by them, along with inter-cultivation. WADI not only strengthens the agrarian livelihoods of the tribal households but also increases food and nutritional security.

“I am hopeful and proud of the project that will provide new opportunities to the farmers and offer them a brighter future. I thank NABARD and GSS for supporting the cause wholeheartedly,” added Reddy.

The key components of the WADI project include soil and water management, orchard development, sustainable agriculture and the development of Farmers Collective (Farmer Producer Organisation).

AK Padhi, CGM, NABARD said, it is a historical moment in our lives as we join ESL in this ambitious project. We have already accomplished 48 of such projects in Jharkhand and that further encourages us to support the WADI project which is aimed at the betterment of the tribal families.

“This project is for 6 Years, we will plant mango and guava trees across the village and the results will start showing within a span of 2 years. I hope that this initiative benefits the tribal families and becomes a success,” added Padhi.

Besides others, Philom Bilung DDM NABARD, Nigam, DGM NABARD, Vilas Sathe Secretary GSS, Ashish Ranjan Head Community Relations ESL, Sanjana Devi, Mukhiya, Madhunia, Panchami Devi, Sarpanch, Madhunia were present on the occasion.


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