ESL planted 2021 saplings on World Environment Day

JNS: In a bid to increase green cover inside the plant and its periphery areas ESL a national steel player in the Vedanta Group is on ‘green’ drive. On this move, around 2021 sapling were planted inside the plant premises on World Environment Day.

All the top management and employees participated in the drive and planted saplings in ESL’s plant premises.

Additionally, ESL distributed saplings among the community members and encouraged nearby villages, schools and educational centers run by their CSR team to plant more trees. With the aim of making this greenbelt inclusive in terms of community participation, ESL is ensuring that its plant and nearby areas remain lush green.

The steel major also launched newer sustainability initiatives aimed at making it an even more environment-friendly organization includes— Green belt development; Circular economy; Promotion of renewable energy; Installation of energy-efficient instruments and equipment; Promotion of electric vehicles.

N.L. Vhatte, CEO, ESL Steel Limited said, ESL has successfully planted 2021 saplings on World Environment Day that will hopefully grow into lush green trees for our future generations. We have also launched some initiatives such as green belt development, 100 per cent waste utilisation and air pollution control that will further help us in becoming a green organisation.

“Our endeavour to become a sustainable steel player is gradually taking wings and setting examples for others to follow. I am grateful to the entire ESL workforce for coming forward and making the plantation drive a success. ESL will continue to launch newer initiatives that enable Mother Nature to prosper and thrive,” added Vhatte.

ESL Steel also plans to introduce the Miyawaki Plantation Method, which is a Japanese technique to expand green cover in limited time and space. The unique idea is aimed at transforming barren lands into thriving dense forests, he said.

 Seema Kumari, Chief Sustainability Officer, ESL Steel Ltd added, “I am always excited to witness and participate in ESL’s plantation drives. They are great for the environment and add to nature’s beauty. I am glad that I belong to an organization that truly cares for the ecosystem and the community. Together, we stay committed to such initiatives and will continue doing good work.”

As a responsible brand, ESL has constantly displayed massive consideration to the environment by choosing sustainability over everything else. Its healthy practices and environment-centric initiatives have helped and inspired many. The company plans to continue its practices dedicated to community wellbeing and healthy living through several other projects lined up for the future.

Earlier this year, ESL conducted a mega plantation drive under which 7000 saplings were planted along their plant’s 6 kilometre-long Vedanta Lane by maintaining a 2-meter distance among each plant. ESL has planted 35000 samplings last year in the plant premises. Further, ESL is committed to0 planting more than 1 lakh saplings in the next 3 years.

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