Fourth Phase of Lok Sabha Elections Sees 62.84% Voter Turnout

New Delhi: The fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections witnessed an approximate voter turnout of 62.84% by 8 PM. This phase covered 96 Lok Sabha seats across nine states and one Union Territory.

Andhra Pradesh recorded a turnout of 68.12%, while Bihar saw 55.90% and Telangana registered 61.39%. Jammu and Kashmir recorded 36.58%, Jharkhand 63.37%, and Madhya Pradesh 68.63%. Maharashtra saw a turnout of 52.75%, Odisha 63.85%, Uttar Pradesh 57.88%, and West Bengal 75.94%.

This phase included 25 seats in Andhra Pradesh, 17 in Telangana, 13 in Uttar Pradesh, 11 in Maharashtra, eight each in Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, five in Bihar, four each in Jharkhand and Odisha, along with one in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. A total of 1,717 candidates contested in this phase.

The Election Commission reported that the polling process was peaceful overall. Srinagar Parliamentary Constituency recorded a voter turnout of 36.58%, the highest in many decades. Several Assembly segments in the region also reported high turnouts.

Tragically, a polling official in Champapet, Telangana, passed away while on duty. The Commission has directed the Chief Electoral Officer of Telangana to provide immediate ex-gratia payment to the deceased polling officer’s family.

With the conclusion of the fourth phase, polling for the General Elections has crossed the halfway mark, covering 23 states and Union Territories and 379 Parliamentary Constituencies. Polling for the State Legislative Assemblies of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Andhra Pradesh, and 28 assembly seats of Odisha has also been completed.

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