Rotary Club on green crusade, Fosters Medicinal Plant Growth

JNS I Bokaro: In a commendable effort to boost environmental conservation, Rotary Club Chas spearheaded an extensive afforestation campaign in collaboration with DPS Chas. The joint endeavor saw the planting of numerous fruit-bearing and medicinal saplings within the DPS Chas campus, aptly named ‘Amrit Vatika,’ on Wednesday.

The event, graced by the Founder, President of Chas Rotary Club, Sanjay Baidya, brought together scores of enthusiastic students, teachers, and club members. Baidya, who actively participated in the planting process alongside school representatives, underscored the significance of large-scale afforestation initiatives in safeguarding the planet.

Speaking on the occasion he emphasized that such endeavors not only mitigate rising temperatures but also fortify resilience against natural disasters, painting a greener and safer future.

Dimple Kaur, Secretary of Chas Rotary, reiterated the importance of raising environmental awareness among the general populace. Kaur emphasized, “If we aspire to protect our environment, we must commit to tree planting.”

Vipin Aggarwal, a member of Chas Rotary Club, concurred, highlighting the global scourge of pollution and its catastrophic consequences. Aggarwal championed tree plantation as the quintessential solution to securing our environment and averting potential disasters. He urged individuals to plant trees in their immediate vicinity, fostering a collective effort to preserve nature.

Dr Hemlata S. Mohan, the Chief Mentor of DPS Chas, asserted that environmental preservation is not merely a duty but a moral imperative.

She implored all to plant trees in their homes and surroundings and to vigilantly nurture them, underscoring the pivotal role tree planting plays in conserving our environment.

The event witnessed a solemn pledge-taking ceremony by students, teachers, and Rotary Club members, vowing to both plant saplings and diligently care for the growing flora as part of their commitment to environmental preservation.

The occasion was graced by the presence of prominent figures, including School Director Dr Naveen Sharma, Dean Jose Thomas, Prem Shankar Singh, and Archana Singh of Chas Rotary, among others.

Deepali Bhuskute, Acting Principal of DPS Chas, and Suresh Aggarwal, Secretary of DS Memorial Society, extended their congratulations to the students and staff for the resounding success of the program.

This collaborative effort between Rotary Club Chas and DPS Chas stands as a testament to the community’s dedication to fostering environmental conservation and planting the seeds for a greener tomorrow.

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