Historic Olympic Day: Hindi Release of “Olympic Memoirs” Strengthens the Olympic Movement

by Ashis Sinha    I    Last Updated: 24.06.2023 12:30


Great news on Olympic Day! The Hindi translation of “Olympic Memoirs Of Sir Baron Pierre De Coubertin” was launched at the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland.


On Friday, the International Pierre de Coubertin Committee announced with satisfaction the translation into Hindi languages Pierre de Coubertin’s Olympic Memoirs. This translation was carried out in collaboration with Abhinav Bindra Foundation. The electronic version of the Hindi edition was presented on Olympic Day, 23 June 2023, on the IPCC website, informed Jaideep Sarkar, the representative of the International Olympic Community, for dissemination of the Olympic Movement.


“Hindi is the first language to 425 million speakers and second language to 120 million speakers,” he added.


Jaideep said, aiming to empower healthy value-based sports in India and across the Hindi-spoken countries and communities, the Hindi translation of the book was launched on this auspicious occasion on Friday.


“Our motto is to boost the healthy values of sports on grassroots levels in schools and educational institutions across the Hindi-spoken countries & communities,” he added.


Under the leadership of the International Olympic Community, the world celebrated a momentous occasion on 23 June 2023, marking International Olympic Day with great pride. This historic day will forever be etched in the annals of global sports, as the “Olympic Memoirs,” authored by the esteemed Sir Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the father of the modern Olympics and founder of the International Olympic Committee, was unveiled in Hindi, the world’s third most spoken language, he said.


“The release of the “Olympic Memoirs” in Hindi holds significant importance, fostering a profound connection with Hindi-speaking nations, including India, Nepal, Maldives, Mauritius, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, and more. This pivotal moment is poised to elevate the sports culture in these countries, firmly rooted in health and well-being values,” added Jaideep.


The translation of “Olympic Memoirs” into Hindi pays homage to India’s rich heritage and its contribution to the Olympic Movement and signifies the inclusive spirit of the Olympic ideals reaching diverse linguistic communities. This milestone promotes a deeper understanding of the Olympic legacy, inspiring generations to embrace the principles of fair play, unity, and sportsmanship.


The Hindi edition of the “Olympic Memoirs” is expected to play a pivotal role in further strengthening the Olympic Movement. By making the book accessible to a broader audience, the International Olympic Committee aims to ignite a passion for sports, encourage active participation, and cultivate a robust sporting ecosystem in these Hindi-speaking nations, said Jaideep.


“The release of the “Olympic Memoirs” in Hindi is a testament to the commitment of the International Olympic Committee towards inclusivity and cultural diversity. As the world commemorates this historic Olympic Day, the spirit of the Games resonates stronger than ever, uniting nations through the power of sport,” he added.


The significant and purposeful endeavour for the Hindi translation of Olympic Memoirs (Memories) was an important agenda of the International Pierre De Coubertin Committee (CIPC) for a couple of years, which was pivoted by the dual dynamic leadership of its President, Dr Stephan Wassong and the Secretary-General Elvira Ramini.


Jaideep thanked both the CIPC authorities, who will prove itself as a milestone in India and other Hindi-spoken countries.


The Indian Sports fraternity is also happy that in this context, the First Individual Olympic Gold Medalist from India, Abhinav Bindra and his Foundation— Abhinav Bindra Foundation did a remarkable job of Hindi translation.

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