IIM Calcutta launches Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders Program

Kolkata: Communication is the key to success in every aspect of life and ever so in a disruptive and competitive business environment. As professionals grow into leadership roles, strategic communications capabilities become key influencing skills in getting things done.

The Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders Program is six-month programmes from IIM Calcutta that will help participants assume leadership roles amidst diverse and complex corporate business scenarios. Candidates will be able to master the language of leadership and present new paradigms of leading with a communication strategy.

Commenting on how the Communications Strategy course will help corporate leaders, Professor Pragyan Rath, Programme Director – Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders, IIM Calcutta said, “As a corporate business leader, it’s essential to have the ability to effectively communicate the purpose of the organization to its internal and external stakeholders. When it comes to leadership communication specifically, the right approach is essential to advance the business to the next level.

With the EPCSCL programme, we aim to lay emphasis on the aspect of leadership through strategic communication techniques. The participants will be made ready to handle multifaceted aspects of corporate business communication through communication analytics, critical thinking, the art of persuasion & negotiation, decision-making,” she said.

Prof. Apoorva Bharadwaj, Programme Director – Communication Strategies for Corporate Leaders, IIM Calcutta said, “With this programme, we aim to develop leaders who are fluently capable of functionalizing their business’s vision and mission through new strategic frameworks of communication. Participants will be taught to utilize communication as a leadership strategy and not just as a medium of interaction. We will also include modules on cross-cultural communication in order to help global leaders manage cross-cultural diversity in trans-national organizations,” she said.

“The course will enable participants to be better orators, better strategists and conflict managers alongside nurturing their communication proficiency,” she added.


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