India launches UPI services in Sri Lanka, Mauritius after France

JNS: Aimed at enhancing digital connectivity and fostering stronger ties with its neighbours, India launched its Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services in Sri Lanka and Mauritius on Monday, February 12, 2024. Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the UPI services, fulfilling a commitment made by India to extend its digital financial infrastructure beyond its borders.

Accompanying the UPI rollout, India also introduced RuPay card services in Mauritius, further bolstering the digital payment ecosystem in the region.

The virtual inauguration ceremony was attended by distinguished guests, including Sri Lankan President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, underscoring the collaborative efforts between India and these Indian Ocean nations.

During the event, Prime Minister Jugnauth of Mauritius announced plans to utilise co-branded RuPay cards as domestic payment instruments, emphasising the practical integration of Indian digital financial solutions into Mauritius’ local economy.

Addressing the significance of the occasion, Prime Minister Modi highlighted the deep historical and cultural bonds shared by India, Sri Lanka, and Mauritius, noting that modern digital connections were reinforcing these age-old relationships.

He emphasised the transformative potential of fintech connectivity in facilitating cross-border transactions and fostering economic linkages between nations.

Prime Minister Modi underscored India’s commitment to its neighbours, citing the ‘SAGAR’ initiative, which prioritises security and growth for all in the region.

He emphasised India’s role in promoting regional peace, security, and development, while also highlighting India’s recent achievements in public health, particularly in the context of the world’s largest COVID-19 immunisation drive.

In his remarks, Sri Lankan Prime Minister Wickremesinghe emphasized the longstanding ties between India and Sri Lanka, dating back millennia, and highlighted the mutual benefits of embracing modern technology to enhance economic cooperation and tourism.

Similarly, Mauritian Prime Minister Jugnauth emphasized the centuries-old cultural and economic ties between India and Mauritius, noting that the expansion of digital services marked a new chapter in their relationship. He outlined plans for the co-branded RuPay card to be integrated with Mauritius’ domestic payment infrastructure, aligning with India’s broader commitment to promoting digital inclusion and sustainable growth.

The launch of UPI and RuPay services in Sri Lanka and Mauritius reflects India’s proactive engagement in leveraging technology to foster regional cooperation and economic development, while also deepening its historical bonds with neighboring nations.

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