J-TEP programme welcomes 10 educators from 6 countries

Mumbai: JBCN International School, Borivali, introduces a unique program “JBCN Teacher Exchange & Partnership (J-TEP): Cultivating Global Connections”, hosting ten educators from six countries to participate in a 10-day immersive learning experience.

The beginning of a new chapter in continued growth and expansion of pedagogical horizons while exploring new spheres of association and global citizenship.

In today’s globalized world, Teacher Exchange Programmes are important as they offer enriching learning experiences, bring international perspectives to classrooms, enable teachers to pursue lifelong learning, and help them refine their existing skill sets.

J-TEP is an amalgamation of upskilling through workshops, training sessions, panel discussions, curriculum and pedagogy refinement, and cultural fusion.

During the ten days, the educators will co-teach and collaborate to bring in best practices to classroom teaching. They will exchange ideas about gamification in the classroom to keep up with emerging teaching and learning approaches. The educators will also engage in collective research efforts to pursue the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Kunal Dalal, Managing Director of JBCN Education, says, “We are proud to host our first-ever JBCN Teacher Exchange Programme. We are committed to enhancing pedagogical practices and empowering teachers with the latest educational strategies. By sharing ideas and best practices, we believe this exchange will benefit the participating teachers and positively impact our entire school community.

This programme is not just about professional development; it is also a celebration of cultural fusion. I am excited to witness the synergy emerging as these exceptional educators collaborate, learn from one another, and create a global network of educational excellence. Together, we will cultivate new paths in education and inspire our learners to become global citizens, embracing diversity and cultural understanding.”

Debika Chatterji, Director Principal, JBCN International School, Borivali, quotes, “Through J-TEP, JBCN International School, Borivali, is celebrating the spirit of learning and opening new vistas of thought and perception among the participants. At the core of the exchange program lies connection, collaboration, and cooperation that creates opportunities for gaining new insights, deepening learning and developing an appreciation of cultural diversity by prioritizing global perspectives.”

Keeping the motto ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in mind, JBCN International School has curated several immersive and specially-crafted cultural experiences like jewelry-making workshops, heritage walks, and visits to historical monuments, museums, and cultural excursions to nearby locations focusing on art and culture, promising an unforgettable experience which will help the educators to understand the richness and diversity of Indian culture during their sojourn.

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