Empowering Olympic Movement : Jaideep selected for Intl. Meet at Greece

by Ashis Sinha

Jaideep Sarkar, an international sports expert and the Lead Officer of India’s first Global Active Partner City, Bokaro in Jharkhand, will represent India in an important International Seminar scheduled to be held from 7 to 13 July at the ancient Olympia, Athens, Greece.

In a bid to empower and disseminate the worldwide Olympic Movement, arguably the biggest movement on earth, the International Olympic Committee’s  apex Organization for Olympic Education, CIPC has invited Jaideep to represent India in the “Global Forum of the Olympic Movement.”

Jaideep has been selected to represent the Indian Pierre de Coubertin Association (IPCA) at the 14 International Sessions for Educators of Higher Institutes of Physical Education organized by the International Olympic Academy with headquarters in Olympia, Greece.

“The main topic of the session is “Innovating Physical Education and Olympic Values Education to build a better world with the special topic, Renewal and Rejuvenation: Introducing integral innovations to the Olympic Movement,” stated in a mail by Dr Stephan Wassong, President of CIPC and IPCC.

Recently, Jaideep has also been confirmed for an honorary doctorate by the United Nations Commission for Sports Culturing. He has received the Dr B R Ambedkar National Award for Sports Development. He is an Executive Board Member of the Indian Pierre De Coubertin Association (IPCA), as well as an Asian Silver Medalist in Volleyball (AVC), with a Post Graduate Qualification in Sports Management and Global Coaching Accreditation with Olympic Solidarity from the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB).

He was previously assigned as a Commonwealth Games’ Project Officer in 2010 and as an Administrator for the National Games in 2011. Jaideep works at SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL), the location designated by the apex global authorities in 2020-21 to expedite the IOC-supported salubrious objective of sports culture through the GAC programme in Jharkhand.

Jaideep also has over 30 years of professional expertise in Sports Development, Sports Science, Advocacy, and Coaching. In addition to his periodic responsibilities at Germany’s Leipzig University’s programmes through the ITK wing, International Day of Sports for Development & Peace (IDSDP), he has consistently interacted as a Sports Resource Person in numerous Global Sports Promotional avenues.

He is passionate about making sports a global affair for human development by adhering to the “Olympism” and “Olympic Movement” values. Jaideep has received the best wishes from various national and international sports bodies including individuals for this prestigious assignment.

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