Lithium Battery Recycling Plant inaugurated at CSIR-NML

Jamshedpur: First Battery Dismantling and Metal Extraction unit inaugurated at CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR-NML) on Thursday. Dr. V.K. Saraswat, Member of Niti Aayog, inaugurated the facility.

The newly established setup is housed within the Critical Metal Processing Pilot Scale Facility at the Nildih Campus. Accompanying Dr. Saraswat were dignitaries including Shri. R. Saravanabhavan from Niti Aayog, Dr. N.C. Murmu (Director, CSIR-NML), and other key members of the battery recycling project such as Dr. Sanjay Kumar, Dr. S. Sivaprasad, and Dr. Pratima Meshram.

Dr. Saraswat commended the significant work accomplished at CSIR-NML and stressed the necessity of scaling up the plant’s capacity. He emphasized that this expansion was vital to fulfill the vision of “Atamanirbhar Bharat,” or self-reliance, in battery manufacturing.

During his visit, Dr. Saraswat engaged with both young scientists and senior members of the research team.

He lauded CSIR-NML for its remarkable contributions in urban mining, red mud utilization, lithium-ion recycling, and magnesium extraction. Dr. Saraswat underscored the importance of encouraging scientists to delve into critical minerals, metals, and materials, highlighting their potential to bolster the Indian economy by reducing the reliance on imports.

In his capacity as the Chairman of the Task Force on Red Mud Recycling at Niti Aayog, Dr. Saraswat toured various ongoing unit operations, including those involving rotary kilns, leaching processes, and smelting.

He urged CSIR-NML to expedite efforts in rare earth extraction, further underlining the strategic significance of such endeavors in securing India’s self-sufficiency in critical resources.

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