Magic Rice- No need to be set on fire

# Magic Rice that is cooked in frosty/cold water

JNS: Magic Rice— a special type of rice ((Boka Saul) that can be ready to eat within 45-60 minutes of keeping in normal water and does not have to be cooked on any flame, gas, or stove. And it also seems like normal rice that we usually take in our food.

Usually, this Magic Paddy is cultivated in the country in Majula Island on the Brahmaputra river bank of Assam and in some parts of West Bengal. But a farmer Vijay Giri has started cultivating this rice at Sohsa Harpur village under the Ramnagar block of Champaran in Bihar.

“Magic paddy is being cultivated organically without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides; can be ready in around 150 days and its market price of Rs 40-60 per kgs,” said Vijay Giri.

He said this rice is sugar-free and rich in carbohydrates and protein; it will be beneficial to the mass.

Talking to the media persons, Giri said, “This paddy is idle for flood-affected and flood-prone areas as it does not flow in floods; its stalk is thick, so its immunity is high.”

As it does not need to be set on fire, it can prove to be a better option for soldiers in difficult terrains and the people of the affected areas during a disaster.

Not only that, after separating the rice from the paddy, the farmer can also utilize its stalk in covering the roof of their huts, said Giri.

Earlier I used to grow traditional paddy, wheat, pulses on my farmland. But during agricultural fairs and events in West Bengal, I came to know about the varieties of black paddy and magic paddy, said Giri.

“Later I learned in detail about these varieties and started cultivating them and it yielded very good results,” he added.

In most ordinary rice varieties it contains only 4-5 percent amylose compared to the normal 20-25 percent.

The rice is light in the stomach and easily digestible.



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