Mamata Banerjee opposes ‘One Nation One Election’ proposal

JNS: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has vehemently opposed the ‘One Nation One Election’ proposal, asserting that it poses a threat to the fundamental structure of the Indian Constitution. In a letter addressed to Dr. Nitin Chandra, Secretary of the Committee formed by the Union Government to examine the proposal, Banerjee expressed her concerns and objections.

Banerjee stated, “I suspect that the instant design to subvert the basic structure of the Indian Constitution is aimed at converting our polity into a Presidential system.” She further questioned the use of the term ‘One Nation’ in the context of the proposal, emphasizing that the Indian Constitution follows a federal structure rather than a ‘One Nation, One Government’ concept.

The Chief Minister criticized the lack of consultation with State Governments, which play a vital role in the federal structure of the Constitution. She raised concerns about the composition of the Committee and noted the absence of Chief Ministers, suggesting that practical objections may have been avoided by excluding them.

Banerjee emphasized that Parliamentary elections and State Legislative elections differ significantly in character and argued that the proposal would overshadow numerous state-level issues and debates with the focus on national elections.

Her strong opposition underscores the complexities and challenges associated with the ‘One Nation One Election’ proposal, as it continues to be a topic of debate and discussion in Indian politics.

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