New academic session kicks off with ceremonial Havan-Yagya at DAV-6

JNS: The dawn of the New Year brought with it a spiritually charged and auspicious start at D.A.V Public School, Sector-6, as the inauguration of a special New Year course was marked by a sacred Panchkundiya Havan-Yagya.

The school campus resonated with the melodious chanting of Vedic mantras, ushering in a sense of positivity and devotion.

In a show of unity and commitment to the occasion, school principal Brijmohan Lal Das, along with the dedicated teaching and non-teaching staff, actively participated in the solemn event.

During the ceremony, Principal Das conveyed valuable wisdom to the students, emphasising the importance of diligence and integrity in their endeavours. He encouraged them to channel their full concentration into their studies and pursue their goals with unwavering determination.

He underscored the significance of hard work and ethical values, highlighting that by embodying these principles, students could contribute meaningfully to the betterment of society and the nation at large. Das also stressed the need for self-study and time management as essential tools for personal growth.

Following the Havan-Yagya, all the teachers took a solemn oath, pledging their dedication to personal development and the advancement of the school’s mission. The school’s Sanskrit teacher, Bal Shekhar Jha, conducted the Havan Yagya with reverence and devotion.

Among the attendees of this significant event were Nagendra Prasad, Akhilesh Mishra, Manoj Mishra, Sunita Kumari, BK Jha, Bholanchal Swain, Swaroop Kumar Nath, Vidya Sagar, Ruby Kumari, Manisha Sahay, Kiran Singh, Neelam Jha, Ruby Yadav, Mamta Kumari, Vibha Jha, Mamta Kumari, Madhavi Jha, Swati, Saroj Singh, Neha Kumari, Jyoti Wala, Jhanvi Banerjee, Kumar Samaresh, Vikas Kumar, Prashant Kumar, Akhilesh Kumar, Haradhan Jha, Kailash Prasad, Yugal Kishore Prasad, Shyam Bhushan Srivastava, and Ajay Kumar, all of whom embraced this spiritual beginning with enthusiasm and hope for the promising year ahead.

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